The “oh!” factor in our designs is in the convincing and pleasing nature of our craft; it’s where we have blended emotion and logic in a single concept.  Our free-spirited approach means that we can blur the lines between categories – our team has designed everything from everyday household items to new concepts for traditional crafts and cutting-edge medical devices.
We are proudly able to engage in the whole process of product design; from concept generation, iterative evolution to production-friendly 3D modeling.
In addition to our core strength in product design, we have also worked on numerous graphic- and web-design projects.
We strongly believe that in the world of design there are truly no limits to the contributions we can make.  We are proactively looking to get involved in areas and fields where – to date – we haven’t yet made our mark.


Our first mission is to extract the DNA of the item or concept, corporation or artisan, and to put that into words.  This DNA then has to somehow connect with the feelings of the target clientele – this connection has to essentially crystalize the concept, naming, logo and copy that will all come together to make up the brand.  Get the branding right and the result is a chemical reaction of sorts – an immersive form of communication.


These days the standards of design and branding have increased dramatically thanks to countless case studies that can be referenced and analyzed.  However it can be challenging to create fresh, fundamentally new concepts – everything can feel somewhat second hand.
Designs and brands have to be imbued with that certain “oh!” factor or risk remaining unnoticed and becoming irrelevant.  As the creative team –  i.e. the creative director and/or design director – driving your project, we extract that brand DNA and continuously transform it into something that will resonate with your customers.


Working on design, branding and direction projects as creatives means that we must deal with and overcome problems whilst working with – and within – corporations, organizations and systems.
In our experience, it is often not enough to resolve a design problem with a prior solution – instead a better solution may be found by making use of human networks to develop a multi-faceted approach to a problem.  Our team will follow this process until a successful resolution is reached.


Canon Inc.
Omron Healthcare Co.,Ltd.
Omron Social Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Kinto Co.,ltd.
Koizumi Lighting Technology Corp.
h-concept co.,ltd.
Engineer Inc.
Maruyoshi Kosaka Co. Ltd.
Mizokawa Co., Ltd.
Echo Group Holdings



o-lab inc.

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