O-lab designs in wide variety of fields such as lifestyle commodities, furniture, traditional handicrafts, electric appliances and cutting edge medical devices.  The vision of the design confirmed by the process of our concept generation, idea visualization, 3D modeling and prototyping, gets then translated into high-quality outputs with careful consideration of such factor as manufacturability, sustainability and production cost.  We believe that there is no field where design can’t contribute, and are eager to work more in the area where design has scarcely talked about.


O-lab believes that branding is first to extract the DNA of each manufacturer as well as its output, secondly to deeply understand the target audience, and lastly to connect them by appropriate communication.  We tailor-make the necessary elements such as brand concept, name, logo graphics and message, and then construct the emotional bond as a result of the active and intricate interactions among them.


“Reason” is one of the things o-lab consider throughly when designing or branding.  The convincing reasons for each project identified by research and creative prediction, provide us insight about what kind of “oh” the upcoming design or branding should encompass within.  We also contribute by strategic creative direction in order to achieve long-term continuation of such “oh”by the brand.


By applying creative methodologies used in our activities in design, branding and direction, o-lab contribute to solving issues companies or society have.  Design is not the preconditioned approach in our problem-solving and we rather pursue holistic solutions in collaboration with creative resources as necessary.


Canon Inc.
Omron Healthcare Co.,Ltd.
Omron Social Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Kinto Co.,ltd.
Koizumi Lighting Technology Corp.
h-concept co.,ltd.
Engineer Inc.
Maruyoshi Kosaka Co. Ltd.
Mizokawa Co., Ltd.
Echo Group Holdings



o-lab inc.

42-1 Sakuradani-cho, Shishigatani, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8423, Japan

5 Min walk from Kyoto City Bus stop “Shinnyodou-mae”
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